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Next Newsroom, Building Duke’s Campus Newsroom

I am at Duke University to join the discussion defined here:  

 If you could build the ideal newsroom from scratch, what would it look like? We’re trying to help The Chronicle, the Duke University student newspaper, find an answer. Our project is being funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation  as part of the News Challenge Grant program.

Before we can build the Next Newsroom, we’ve been trying to address many other questions about a student newspaper’s role in its community. How must the newspaper’s mission evolve as technology and media consumption change, and how must its facilities evolve with it? What sort of workspace best attracts and prepares the journalists of tomorrow? How might print, broadcast and online media be integrated? How can such a newsroom encourage the community to engage in citizen journalism? How can a media center shape campus life? How important is the newsroom’s size and location in the digital age?

You can follow along here and since they are using Cover It Live, you can join the discussion.

Of course, I will be touting our Representative Journalism project and the yearlong community reporting fellowship that goes with it.  

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