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Steps to Getting to the Right Social Media Technologies

I was in a session at the Next Newsroom at Duke led by Kara Andrade about using social media technologies. Here is a four-step way to thinking about the way to determine what Social Media technology to use for a newsroom project. Often people pick the technology first. Andrade says that’s a bit backward. Here are the four questions in this order to ask:

People —Who is the audience we want to reach in Northfield?

  • How old, education etc?
  • What tools do they have access to? Email, highspeed Broadband, Twitter, Facebook?
  • Do they lurk, post, produce user content.
  • What are they demographics of your audience?
  • (Yesterday I loved the story about the editor who looked out the window and asked what media are people out there using, let’s supply information for the tools they are using.)

 Objectives – What do we want to accomplish?

Strategy – What is the strategy to reach the maximum audience that meets our objectives?

Then finally:  

Technology – What tools do we need to meet our strategy?

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