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Newsplex Head: Why Aren’t USA Newpapers Investing in Future?

Bill Densmore, who attended the Next Newsroom conference at Duke Unversity, provides this introduction to a video he shot at Duke:

Randy Covington spent a career in print reportering and TV news management. Now he heads the IFRA Newsplex, a state-of-the-art training facility at the University of South Carolina. Covington says the users of the facility are mostly not U.S. news organizations. In this five-minute video interview with Bill Densmore of the Media Giraffe Project, he explains why.

Here is the five-minute video:

One Response to “Newsplex Head: Why Aren’t USA Newpapers Investing in Future?”

  1. Upsetting the apple cart « Content Ninja’s Weblog Says:

    [...] Speaking of which, Leonard Witt of the Public Journalism Network ( blogged about the Next Newsroom conference last week at Duke University. Witt posted a terrific video interview by Bill Densmore with Randy Covington, who leads the IFRA Newsplex at the University of South Carolina. See the video here: [...]