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Elizabeth Edwards: Campaign News Coverage Is Poor

One wonders if all the criticism of the presidential campaign coverage is heard by the folks in newsrooms. Certainly it is not heeded. As I have said here many times, the Public Journalism movement was built as a reaction to the terrible news coverage of the 1988 presidential election coverage.

Elizabeth Edwards says it all again, but this time about the present campaign coverage. In The New York Times she writes in part:

The problem today unfortunately is that voters who take their responsibility to be informed seriously enough to search out information about the candidates are finding it harder and harder to do… 

She asks why Fred Thompson, who was a non-candidate from beginning to end, was anointed as a front runner by the news media even before he declared, while Joe Biden got no coverage even though he was in the race with fine ideas.

Her’s is worth a read and when you are there click on her interview too, it’s a good listen.


One Response to “Elizabeth Edwards: Campaign News Coverage Is Poor”

  1. Doug Hamlin Says:

    And there’s more disgrace in this morning’s paper. After days of media beating the Jeremiah Wright nonstory ad nauseam, The Times goes meta with this piece on Obama’s dimming prospects. Not that anyone will be surprised.