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Livestream: Changing Roles in Emerging News Ecology

Joel Kramer is talking live at the Journalism that Matters discussion with Mike Tippet and Michelle Ferrier.  He says if his MinnPost project is a example for funding journalism enterprises then it is a “grim business model.”  The future is not real positive if we want a newsroom populated with professionals.

Update: June 5, 2008: I did a separate blog on this, after talking with Joel Kramer:

Yesterday I blogged that Joel Kramer, MinnPost publisher, spoke in a broad sense about the grim outlook for news business models. He said that’s not what he meant — if that’s how it was interpreted. Here is the message he wants conveyed:

I did not intend to say that the MinnPost business model is grim. I believe that the for-profit model for high quality regional journalism is grim. That’s why MinnPost has adopted a not-for-profit model — about which I am very optimistic.  


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