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Bill O’Reilly Says I Am a Lunatic

Bill O’Reilly, the fake news guy who carries Rupert Murdoch’s water at Fox News, called me a lunatic. Indeed, he called all the 3,500 people who attended the Media Reform Conference in Minneapolis lunatics.

As you probably know, Murdoch’s News Corporation owns Fox News and apparently owns O’Reilly too.  Murdoch can bully people in goverment, but apparently is a bit afraid of the power of the people. So he allows a lap dog like O’Reilly to call me a lunatic. Just beware, these are powerful people who will use any means they can to intimidate the rest of us, in an effort to have their way in consolidating the media and controlling what is heard, read and seen.

It is important that all of us take a stand as Bill Moyers does in this video — where he puts the loud mouth to shame.



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