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Blog Builds Relationship with Representative Journalism

David Cohn and I have been exchanging ideas for months about his project for funding journalism projects and my Representative Journalism project for getting communities journalists. Now both of us are moving from the talking stages to the action stages. Both and the RepJ.Net have been funded.

Now the RepJ.Net is about ready to launch in Northfield, Minnesota and Cohn is finding his way in San Francisco. To learn more about our possible teamwork in the future, see Cohn’s post.

One Response to “ Builds Relationship with Representative Journalism”

  1. Digidave Says:

    I can vaugly remember our first conversation about it. I think it was at the Network Journalism Summit – almost a year ago.
    I’m very excited that we are both able to give this a try. In my mind: it’s low-hanging fruit that needs to be tried.