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Big Think Videos, Easy for Citizens to Duplicate

Big Think has taken a video camera and interviewed hundreds of experts, just a straight on head shot in the tradition of Errol Morris. Even the Washington Post has started to pick them up for its web pages.

It is a simple kind of journalism that any citizen can do and because they are straight-on interviews, they are very verifiable. Of course, Q&As are limited by their very nature, because they are one-sided conversations, but it is relatively easy to shoot, requires just a little editing and then an upload. Plus for most citizens getting to talk to experts, especially in their areas of interest, is a very inviting prospect. Here is an interesting interview with Esther Dyson:

One Response to “Big Think Videos, Easy for Citizens to Duplicate”

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    [...] Big Think Videos, Easy for Citizens to Duplicate. Len Witt points to a video idea worth following, although doing a well-structured q&a is a little harder than he suggests. [...]