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Calling Tampa Bay Citizen Journalists – Support Gannett NOW

Tampa Bay’s 10 screams out with great enthusiam:

Tampa Bay’s 10 is looking for twenty people around the Bay area to help us with a special project. We will teach twenty lucky people how to shoot a video camera, and how to get the video to us here at the station.

And not only THAT, there is even more great news for those LUCKY 20:

Each time you send me a video story that either makes it on the news or on our web site, Tampa Bay’s 10 will pay you TWENTY DOLLARS!

The caps and bold are all theirs. But look at this added piece of generosity:

If you hold up your end of the deal, after a year, you will KEEP the video camera we assign you.

So let’s see, if you as a citizen keep up your end of the bargain, which is 40 web posted pieces a year, Tampa Bay’s 10, would pay you all of $800, and throw in a video camera too. Wow, how generous of this Gannett owned station.

Update: Amani Channel, who has worked with citizen journalists making video, has his own take on this Tampa Bay project.

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