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Get a Blogger Journalism Certificate in Just Two Days, Act Now

I got a spam email today for the two-day BlogWorld and New Media Expo in Las Vegas. It includes an optional citizen journalism workshop, which promises in just two days:


I remember when I was a kid similar ads for becoming a Private Detective — and alas I did a search and the come-ons are still there. Here is one:

Attendees will receive an official BlogWorld “blogger journalist” certification and Web icon



Private detective training at home. Certified, job help, $60-$415.

By the way the citizen journalism workshop costs $300 and with full access to the conference $650. If you register now, it’s more later.

Pssst! Just between you and me, I think the Private Eye job might pay better.

2 Responses to “Get a Blogger Journalism Certificate in Just Two Days, Act Now”

  1. Digidave Says:

    I got that same email and had the same thoughts.

    I almost responded with a WTF – are you serious???

    Decided it wasn’t worth my time.

    Good post.

  2. Dave Mastio Says:

    I am rather conflicted here because I am a speaker at the conference named above and runs the Poynter Blog Network —

    But Poynter is “teaching” blogging too, which struck me as a bit odd since the best blogging is about being yourself and honestly engaging in conversation with the people who stop by your blog.