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Vin Crosbie posts Zell’s Law; It’s Not Amusing

Picking up on Moore’s Law Vin Crosbie, comes up with a mirror image, which he calls Zell’s Law*:

Approximately every two years the staffing and budget levels halve and the difficulties of publishing daily a newspaper double.

After taking swipes at the media professionals, as he did earlier in the week, he refers us back to May 2008 when he took academia to task too. Here is a graph from that post:

I’ve also discovered that media academics follow, rather than lead, their industries. Though schools of medicine, law, or engineering lead their industries, developing the new techniques and doctrines their industries use, this isn’t so with media and media schools. I realize that there are exceptions, but most schools of media still inculcate students to hew to the past, rather than sow the present or future.

Ultimately, to change our media industries, we’ve got to change what media schools teach.

Okay Vin, you have made your point about what’s wrong, now let’s get on with the how-to-improve discussion.

* Just in case history forgets, here is who Sam Zell is.




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