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Ignore Convention Pundit Blowhards; Watch C-Span

Last night I started watching the Democratic National Convention on cable TV, I got so angry at the blowhard pundits that I turned to C-Span. No filters, just the convention speakers. Did I get bored? Not for a moment.

In the musical interludes between the speakers, I surfed back to the other channels covering the convention and had to listen the dumbest commentary imaginable, which had nothing to do with the analytical or emotional thoughts or feelings I had while watching the convention unfiltered on C-Span from 8 p.m. to after 11 p.m. EDT.

So my advice , blow off the blowhards and experience the moment all by yourself. If enough of us do that, the TV folks can save money by not paying the know-nothings and invest that money into honest-to-god reporters who produce real journalism.

Update: Bryan Murley from Innovation in College Media points out in comments that is also providing live coverage with no commentary. Thanks Bryan.

One Response to “Ignore Convention Pundit Blowhards; Watch C-Span”

  1. Bryan Murley Says:

    The MSNBC Internet live feed doesn’t have the commentary either.