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New Blog Finds, Interprets New Media Scholarly Research

Serena Carpenter has launched her Online Journalism blog, and it worth bookmarking. Carpenter, Assistant Professor at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, has the rare ability to use new media applications and at the same time do serious new media scholarship.

Here is what she says at her new blog:

Not only will I share my teaching ideas and materials, as some great (e.g., Mindy McAdams) people have, I will also decipher research in journals related to online journalism. One common criticism I hear from some academics and professionals is that research published in journals is not written for the average reader. Just as history does, research can help explain, and even predict, how journalism will evolve.

She adds:

My goal as a researcher is to share and decipher research found in academic journals on the topic of newer media. … I will summarize and share with you the journal research articles that I have read, however I encourage you to talk to the authors of the research to find out more regarding what they have learned. And perhaps, conversations will lead to the sharing of ideas, and ultimately lead to increased accuracy of research conducted by those in academia.

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