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Technorati Releases Its 2008 State of Blogosphere Report

Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008 report, is being released in five consecutive daily segments.

Here are a few facts garnished from the first couple of days (some of these “facts” were developed from a Technorati survey of bloggers. Of course, the question is how reliable is the survey):

  • Bloggers are collectively creating close to one million posts every day.
  • 1.5 million blogs posted in the the last seven days.
  • 76,000 blogs have a Technorati Authority Rating of +50; meaning at least 50 other bloggers found their content worth linking to in the last six months. ( would be one of those with an authority ranking of 74 as of this post, in the past, when I was more actively blogging it exceeded 100)
  • A survey of bloggers determined that bloggers are: “Intensifying their efforts based on positive feedback: Blogging is having an incredibly positive impact on their lives, with bloggers receiving speaking or publishing opportunities, career advancement, and personal satisfaction.” ( See my panel discussion to learn how this worked for me and others.)
  • Blogging is money making for some bloggers: Among those with advertising, the mean annual investment in their blog is $1,800, but it’s paying off. The mean annual revenue is $6,000 with $75K+ in revenue for those with 100,000 or more unique visitors per month. (Maybe the should consider taking advertising.)
  • Here is some demographic information:
  • Who are the global bloggers?

  • 44% are parents
  • Two-thirds are male
  • 50% are 18-34
  • More affluent and educated than the general population
    • 70% have college degrees
    • Four in ten have an annual household income of $75K+
  • One in four have an annual household income of $100K+
  • I will provide some updates as more information is released this week.

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