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British Paper Seeks 1,000 Citizen Journalists

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Trinity Mirror’s Teesside Evening Gazette is aiming to increase the number of contributors to its hyperlocal network of news websites to 1,000 over the next 12 months.

The citizen journalists will be recruited from some 22 postal codes in the paper’s circulation area. The story adds:

While the 22 sites currently have around 400 registered contributors, the paper is planning to recruit a host of new bloggers and community correspondents…New contributors will be approached by the Gazette’s two community coordinators, who are responsible for moderating and posting additional content to the sites.

One Response to “British Paper Seeks 1,000 Citizen Journalists”

  1. Julia Schrenkler Says:

    I’d be interested in seeing how their community coordinators approach and manage the local network. Thanks for the lead.