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Know The News is a website aimed at providing the resources that allow students to remix internationally broadcasted news and then submit the final result to the internet community for review where it is then rated based on quality, fairness, accuracy, and style. This from a Know The News press release:

Journalists and news consumers have to navigate a tidal wave of images, sound, and information every day. Know the News helps users think critically about TV news, by interpreting news coverage in a global context. Our mission is to offer a new perspective on TV news by creating greater awareness of the forces at work on all news-gathering enterprises, and how those forces mold the messages that viewers around the world receive.

Know The News is not only seeking to provide the tools for citizens to take control of the news, it gives professors the tools to facilitate instruction in citizen media and media literacy. According to their press release, professors will be able to upload footage in order to create specific projects for their students in order to foster News Literacy skills.

Know the News is now enlisting journalism professors who are interested in using these tools in their classrooms. For an invitation and a class code, or to learn more, contact

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