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Ana Marie Cox Asks Public to Fund Her Journalism

This could be a golden moment for Representative Journalism. Ana Marie Cox, the original Wonkette, is asking the public to keep her on the presidential election campaign trail. Here is more from the Nieman Journalism Lab:

When the magazine Radar announced it was shutting down last Friday, its Washington editor Ana Marie Cox was left with a seat on John McCain’s plane but no one to pay for it.

Ana Marie Cox
So Cox reached out for public support via her blog and Twitter. She has a running commentary at her blog on her personal fundraising. As of this post, it seems she is up to about $10,000. I have emailed her to check her interest in the Representative Journalism concept. We would love to help her build a Rep J community around the work she does. More later.

2 Responses to “Ana Marie Cox Asks Public to Fund Her Journalism”

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  2. Kenny Says:


    Along this same line, do you know of Michael Totten? You may find him here:

    Have a nice day.