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Georgians Speak Out from Inside Two-Hour Voting Line

So I went to vote early on Thursday and decided to Video Your Vote from inside a two, really two and one-half hour line to cast my presidential election vote. I live in Cobb County, Georgia.

So were people miffed about the long line? I thought they would be, but you listen to what this random sample of folks had to say, you might be surprised. I was.

5 Responses to “Georgians Speak Out from Inside Two-Hour Voting Line”

  1. Todd Says:

    Thanks for the insights from the polling stations. — A reader in Seoul, Korea

  2. Virginia Says:

    Thanks for recording this moment on video!

    I voted at this exact same Cobb County location on October 2. It took about 40 minutes and the county employees (all female) were fantastic.

    I love watching GA turn purple.

  3. nigel mcguinness Says:

    nice that everybody is keen to vote this time – but seriously it’s wrong that voting is not made as easy as possible – you guys need to fix this.

    from an Australian

  4. jade Says:

    Thanks for the video, from Macon Ga!!

  5. Leonard Witt Says:

    Wow, it is over and what a historical moment it has been — and this video, I believe, proves people saw it coming.

    I also think it is very cool that even here at the we had folks from Korea and Australia watching the process. The USA was on the world’s stage, and we gave the world a glimpse of who we are. I am very proud.