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Project 365 Revisited — Take a photo a day, every day

Goose by Stephen ChapmanToday I got what I thought was a spam comment on a post I wrote entitled Take a Photo a Day, Join Project 365, but alas it was from a stranger Stephen Chapman who had indeed taken a photo a day for year. That’s his goose photo.

It reminded me that maybe, just maybe, I want to give it a try. Maybe starting January 1, 2009. Vote by Dred242 My earlier January post was inspired by Stephanie Roberts, who still seems to be taking a photograph a day. That’s her with the camera. I did a random Project 365 search and also found Dred242 in the ethernet, and he too has been dutifully shooting every day. That’s him on election day November 4, 2008. Alas looking at their camerasStepahie Robertssays  they are real photographers, where as for me, well, I am just a citizen media kind of guy.

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