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AT&T Foundation Supports Kennesaw’s Journalism, Citizen Media

Ah, it was a good day at Kennesaw State University. More than 70 of our Department of Communication students were among the approximately 1,600 students who graduated from the university today. Later in the day the AT&T Foundation presented the department with a $47,500 check to underwrite new equipment for our Digital Media Lab.

It’s the beginning of what we hope will be a long-term partnership between AT&T and our department. At&T Supports Citizen Media at Kennesaw State UniversityIndeed, if you look at our Journalism Doctor Telepresence Reporting Experiment proposal in the Second Round of the $5 million Knight News Challenge, you will see we have two very able AT&T advisors on that project.

Not only will the lab be serving our department’s 900 students, but I also reached an agreement with the Cobb Housing Inc. YouthBuild today to provide Digital Media Entrepreneurship Training for 20 youths. They will be getting a second chance to earn high school degrees with the prospect of moving onto post-secondary education.

I want those students to spend some time in our Digital Media Lab so they get a look at college life, but also as a first step to start a Citizen Media Lab School right here at Kennesaw. As I said, it has been a very good day for the Department of Communication and our Journalism and Citizen Media concentration at Kennesaw State University.

One Response to “AT&T Foundation Supports Kennesaw’s Journalism, Citizen Media”

  1. Nikhil Moro Says:

    Congratulations, Len! — you are a moving force. Should we foresee a Berkman Center growing in Kennesaw?