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Carleton College Students Report on Representative Journalism

Doug McGill’s journalism class at Carleton College produced a video about our Representative Journalism project at the Locally Grown blog in Northfield, Minnesota. Rep J reporter Bonnie Obremski and Locally Grown blogger Griff Wigley are highlighted.

McGill’s students have been posting an impressive series of local journalism stories and posting them at Locally Grown. Their work is worth watching, hearing and reading.

Here is a description of McGill’s class:

272. Truth vs. Power: A Journey in Journalism

Journalism is in turmoil today. Bold experimentation is needed to meet such dramatic new challenges to journalism as the Internet, the decline of newspapers, multilingual readerships, and global crises requiring activism more than “objectivity.” The class will move between a theoretical focus — exploring journalism’s basic theories and often-contradictory methods, purposes and aims –and a practical focus inviting students to strive towards their highest journalistic ideals. Students will be challenged to blend journalism’s indispensable norms of factual accuracy, fairness and quality writing with new technologies such as blogging, podcasting, videocasting, social networking and RSS feeds. 6 credits, AL.
Fall — D. McGill

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