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SoCon09 Conference: Register Now, Don’t Get Shut Out

Just a reminder that registration is open for SoCon09, the Southeast’s biggest Social Media, Social Networking (un) conference hosted by Kennesaw State University, Feb. 6-7, 2009.

Registrations are on track to match or exceed last year’s SoCon08 and also SoCon07, which means we will close registrations at 160 for Friday night’s Big Eating, Big Thinking dinner at Maggiano’s in Cumberland Mall and might do the same for Saturday, where the main auditorium in the Social Science Building at Kennesaw State University only holds 300. Here is the full schedule.

We know from our registration questionnaire that people want to know more about Social Media in B2B as well as using Social Networking for doing good works. Lots of attendees are entrepreneurs interested in innovative uses of both Social Media and Social Networking. Others want to know how to use Twitter, make podcasts, shoot video or practice citizen media. The list is long, and we will provide breakout sessions on almost everything our registrants request.

This year’s keynote speaker is Christopher Carfi, an entrepreneur and currently the CEO of Cerado, Inc.. He will speak on seven types of markets that technology has enabled. Jeff Haynie, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Appcelerator, pulled his start-up from Atlanta and took it to Silicon Valley. He will explain why he made the move and what the Southeast can learn from his experiences. Then we will all work together to identify Georgia’s niche in the world of Social Media and Social Learning. After that it is on to the networking lunch and then the breakout sessions.

As I have said in the past, “Our SoCon conferences have been successful because they offer a place to learn, to share and to network in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of very smart and articulate people.”

This is a long way of saying register now at, don’t get shut out.

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