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SoCon09 Roundup, Beyond Twitter with Real Essays, Stories

Yesterday I wrote of Twitter’s overriding presence at our SoCon09, social media, social networking conference. Today I want to direct you to some blog posts and stories that have grown from SoCon09.SoCon09 Audience Line by Hyku

Here is a really worthwhile essay about Socon09 at GRABBINGSAND:

Nobody had all of the answers and more than a few walked away relatively unchanged, but what struck me about SoCon was the unabashed enthusiasm that everyone shared for the sprawling connective thing that brought us together….

One of the best takeaways from SoCon ‘09 was a simple reassurance from Amber Rhea’s breakout session. The title of her panel referred to Online Etiquette, but the conversation took an evolving turn into a discussion of how to be yourself online. As I admitted to the group, it took me far more that half of my ten years of cumulative blogging (and proto-blogging) to realize that the best person I can be online is myself.

Amani Channel is looking for Atlanta to build its Social Media niche via the news media, he writes:

My thoughts on Atlanta’s niche: Since I come from a news background, my hope is that Atlanta can contribute to the development of some innovative journalism practices that will help the profession rebound from the current troubles.

Kennesaw State is positioned play a role in this with the help of a 1.5 million dollar grant to develop sustainable journalism models. Of course, Atlanta has a small but dedicated core of independent media makers like Grayson Daughters, Rusty Tanton, Amber Rhea, and myself. Former AJC reporter Lyle Harris is getting ready to launch the Georgia Online News Service. I’m also hopeful that other traditional local journalism outlets won’t be left out of the conversations. Though there were few traditional media makers, I had some great conversations with a couple of AJC staff members (Eli Wednekos, and Jamie Gumbrecht) who see the social media light.

Jon Gatrell has produced an excellent blog roll of some participants websites. Maybe we should start a social media blog roll wiki.

Urvaksh Karkaria at the Atlanta Business Chronicle wrote about Jeff Haynie leaving for Silicon Valley and about the Harnisch Foundation Grant for the Center for Sustainable Journalism.

Jamie Gumbrecht wrote a piece about real life meets virtual life at the SoCon09 and about the grant. Of SoCon09 she writes in part:

Sure, plenty of these participants are local and have met face-to-face before. They follow each other on Twitter, befriend each other on Facebook, but they don’t usually hang out in groups of 300.

Dan Greenfield goes deep on New Media Accountability at his blog Bernaise Source:

I was in the room filled with passionate online advocates who very much value accountability.  You may not get fired for deception or inflammatory remarks, but incurring the wrath of the blogosphere will lead to loss of credibility and irrelevance.

In my book, accountability is:

  • Having no hidden agendas
  • Understanding your audience
  • Using an honest voice
  • Putting your posts in context
  • Being prepared to back up your claims
  • Being prepared to live with consequences

In the world of social media, all you really have is your reputation.

As I mentioned yesterday SoCon09 co-host Sherry Heyl has a roundup at Concept Hub.

I have probably missed other citations and I will update as necessary, but alas the blog is not dead, long live the blog.

First Update: Nice overview from TechDrawl including a video interview with me.

(Photo by Hyku, see more SoCon09 photos here.)

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