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SoCon09 Podcasts, Videos Now Available

The Georgia Podcasting Network, via Rusty Tanton and Amber Rhea in photo below, now has the first four audio podcasts of SonCon09 online and Amani Channel has the livestream SoCon09 archive also available. So relive the moments or hear and see parts of what you missed.

Amber Rhea and Rusty Tanton

Intro and Welcome to SoCon09.

Ruth Ann Harnisch Skyped in from TED in California participates in $1.5 million Center for Sustainable Journalism announcement with Dr. Dan Papp, president of Kennesaw State University, and me.

Jeff Haynie talks of why he left Atlanta for the greener entrepreneur fields of Silicon Valley.

Andrew Wilson moderates a free flowing discussion, asking what is Metro Atlanta’s niche in the Social Media world.

You can see Amani Channel’s Soconj09 livestreamed, now archived videos at MyUrbanReport.

Amani photo by Hyku. Amani Channel by Hyku

2 Responses to “SoCon09 Podcasts, Videos Now Available”

  1. We are the world (sorta) « Human Clipping Service Says:

    [...] Heyl makes some good points about speakers and session leaders on her company’s blog, as did Leonard Witt of Kennesaw State, another organizer. (New link from Witt posted 2/13/09.) And I’ve put up [...]

  2. Amber Rhea Says:

    Psst, Len – it’s Georgia Podcast Network, not Georgia Podcasting Network.