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J-Startup News: Crowdsourcing Site to Fix Journalism

J-Startup News is a nifty little site, with this introduction:

Welcome to J-startup news, a place for news people to discuss, rate and share news and commentary about journalism startups, new business models for news, hacker journalism and anything else that falls along these lines.

Here is its widget:

Its founder adds:

I hope this becomes a place where startups announce their projects, ask for help and post job openings.

Another handy thing that J-Startup News will do is create a central place for the best news from all the folks covering the industry on blogs and pro sites. For the last few months I’d been wishing for a site like this to give me all the best links right now in one place. I am morally opposed to RSS readers so social news sites are how I find stuff I want to read. There wasn’t one for news people who want to read about “the new news.” So now we’ve got one.

One Response to “J-Startup News: Crowdsourcing Site to Fix Journalism”

  1. Brad Flora Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Leonard. Sites like this, dead simple link filters, have been really useful in other contexts. Perhaps news people can make use of one. We shall see. We’ve had about 40 stories and over 90 comments posted already. People really want to talk about this stuff.