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State of News Media 2009 — Bleakest in Six Year History

The State of the News Media 2009 report states emphatically:

This is the sixth edition of our annual report on the State of the News Media in the United States.

It is also the bleakest.

Here is where the hope resides:

The problem facing American journalism is not fundamentally an audience problem or a credibility problem. It is a revenue problem—the decoupling, as we have described it before, of advertising from news….And the news industry does not know—and has done less than it could to learn—how to convert this more active online audience into revenue.

Major change must be made, but the report says:

Reinvention does not usually come from managers prudently charting course. It tends to come from risk takers trying the unreasonable, seeing what others cannot, imagining what is not there and creating it.

We aim to make the Center for Sustainable Journalism at Kennesaw State University be part that reinventing process.

The above was culled just from the report’s introduction. There is plenty more to read and think about.

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