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MediaStorm: An Era for High Quality, Long-Form Journalism

Anyone interested in the future of powerful long-form journalism, should give this Q&A with Brian Storm of MediaStorm a read. Here is an example of a great insight:

We have to get better as journalists. From my perspective, this actually helps long-form in-depth journalism since the crowd is less likely to go that direction. In fact, they’re taking some of the burden off of us in producing and discovering the things that waste our time. For me, the larger question is why we are wasting our time and skills covering stories that the crowd is all over. Why are we, as professional journalists, allocating our resources for such daily, perishable stories? We should be allocating them for things that are in-depth, investigative and require the kind of expertise and professionalism that we have.

Here is more:

People are asked to do less with more and not given the time. Time is the greatest luxury in journalism. It’s why we don’t publish on a deadline. We publish when we feel a project is ready. All of these things connect to each other and in really interesting ways to passion. What an exciting time to be practicing journalism!

One Response to “MediaStorm: An Era for High Quality, Long-Form Journalism”

  1. Anna Haynes Says:

    I’m happy to hear that Brian Storm has insights, but not impressed with MediaStorm.

    “Adobe Flash Player needed to view this site.”

    Some of us want to read, not be told we must ooh and ahh at animations.