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Saving Journalism Over Chili, Cornbread and Lemon Bars

Last Friday night Lyle Harris, formerly of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and I hosted a journalism salon at my house in Marietta, Georgia to talk about what might save high quality journalism.

Mike Schinkel took the photo below plus many more and Urvaksh Karkaria wrote a blog post at the Atlanta Business Chronicle summarizing what took place. As you will see in the Karkaria post, several of the journalists who left the mainstream are busy with alternative forms of delivering journalism even as they lament the past. Their efforts vary from investigative journalism to providing syndicated news for rural papers. Things are happening.

See below who attended for the beginning, we hope, of more informal but rich discussions.

Journalism Roundtable Marietta March 27. 2007 by Mike Schinkel

Standing (l-to-r): Selah Abrams, John Sugg, Urvaksh Karkaria, Siddiq Bello, Benita Dodd, Jim Walls (guy with beard and hat), Tom Baxter, Jon Sinton (really tall guy), Maria Saporta, Lyle V. Harris, Leonard Witt.

Seated (l-to-r): Beth Kurylo, Amani Channel and Devin Alexander Channel and Diana Witt.

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