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Birds of a Feather Shoot the Hawks Together

As you might know I have been videoing nesting Red-shouldered hawks in my Marietta, Georgia neighborhood. Seeking more information I stumbled upon one of the nicest personal blog sites I have seen on the internet. The site is titled Vickie Henderson Art. She is keeping a photo, text and sketchbook of a nesting pair of hawks too. It is lovely.

Alas I tried to post a comment there, but kept getting a user error. Oh, well. Do visit the site and tell her I said hi.

I have some bad news about my hawks and it centers around this poor guy, more later:

4 Responses to “Birds of a Feather Shoot the Hawks Together”

  1. Julia Schrenkler Says:

    Bad News? *shakes head* I’ll be sorry to hear it. This virtual bird watching has been a nice break.

  2. Leonard Witt Says:

    Hi Julia:

    I will try to get something posted soon. Been busy feeding chicken livers and gizzards to guy on the roof. I am trying to figure out how to produce it all into a multimedia presentation without embarrassing myself. FYI: It is not easy being a birdwatcher and apparently a lot tougher being a bird.

  3. vickie Says:

    Thank you for your kind comments! I checked the notification box on your hawk video post, so I received your note. Sorry about your comment posting difficulty.

    Now I’m wondering about that forlorn little guy on the roof and anxiously awaiting news of the parents…
    Don’t worry about embarrassment, we don’t care! (I just accidently deleted my recording of juvenile calls and now have high learner bewilderment!)

  4. vickie Says:

    Clarification…we don’t care about the amateurish nature of the video!