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Kennesaw State Golfer in the Open; Blogs about Experience

There is a nice little story unfolding from Kennesaw State University. Twenty-year-old Matt Nagy, a rising junior, was a second alternative for the regional U.S. Open qualifier here in Georgia. Being an alternative meant that for him to get a shot at the qualifier, someone had to be a no show and that, fortunately for Nagy, happened. He had great rounds at the qualifier and now is in Bethpage, N.Y. playing in the Open.

And he is keeping a blog about his experience. Here is one nice little detail he writes that in New York:

Upon arrival, I was handed the keys to a 2009 Lexus SUV to use for the week.

Plus this:

Two of my friends from Kennesaw State University, Alex Jones and Chad Wilson, arrived today. Both had caddied for me in the qualifiers that got me here. Alex is going to caddy for me the rest of the week. Two more of my friends will be here tomorrow along with the rest of my family.

So time for me to set up my TiVo for the Open.

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