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Citizens Doing Journalism to Journalists

A set of bloggers has started to monitor the journalists covering the presidential election. See more about it at Jay Rosen’s PressThink.

One example is:

The Wilgoren Watch
Dedicated to deconstructing the New York Times coverage of Howard Dean’s campaign for the White House

Here is what journalist Dan Gillmore of eJournal says:

I like the idea that people are watching what I say and correcting me if I get things wrong — or challenging my conclusions, based on the same facts (or facts I hadn’t know about when I wrote the piece). This is a piece of tomorrow’s journalism, and we in the business should welcome the feedback and assistance that, if we do it right, becomes part of a larger conversation.

But if the idea is to create some kind of organized collection of Truth Squads, I’m less comfortable.

Read his whole post here.

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