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Want to Save Journalism? Go to a Conference

Today as I write this, Jeff Jarvis is running his livestreamed NEW Business Models for (Local) News conference at CUNY.

On Friday I will be at Yale for the Journalism & The New Media Ecology: Who Will Pay The Messenger? conference and then on Monday I will be in St. Paul at the The Future of News: Creating a new model for regional journalism in America symposium at Minnesota Public Radio.

I want to hear what others are doing, plus I want to exchange our own community supported journalism ideas that we are developing at the Center for Sustainable Journalism, including one on civil rights and social justice reporting. More about that soon.

One Response to “Want to Save Journalism? Go to a Conference”

  1. Michael Morisy Says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to be a happily employed journalist who does “hacker journalism” on the side, working in a niche trade media industry that’s done better than most. That being said, the trend in conferences I’ve attended is fewer and fewer attendees, with less and less content being offered. Now these aren’t journalism conferences, but with budgets tight all around, is “Go to a conference” really the best answer as more and more conversations move online? Shouldn’t we be promoting low-cost alternatives that are accessible to the rank and file?

    Maybe I’m just bitter since I couldn’t secure funding for conference attendance earlier this year ;)