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Jay Rosen Provides Journalism Support List

This from Jay Rosen:

I was asked to speak recently at a conference organized by Yale University with the title “Journalism & The New Media Ecology: Who Will Pay The Messenger?” This irritated me. The question should have been “who will subsidize news production?” because news production has always been subsidized by someone or something. Here’s my list of possible sources of subsidy. What I have left out please put in the comments and I will edit the list. If you have link to add as an example, please provide that too.

1. Government can subsidize, through general tax revenues. As in some Scandanavian countries.

2. Rate-payers can subsidize, a solution that has to be enforced by government. As with the BBC license fee.

3. Political interests can subsidize the press, as with the party press in Thomas Jefferson’s day or labor’s willingness to fund some new media operations today.

4. Philanthropy, as with the rolling grants that Paul Bass secures for the New Haven Independent.

5. Rich egoists will sometimes subsidize, as with Mort Zuckerman and the Daily News and many opinion magazines over the years.

6. Advertisers are of course the most common subsidizers, though as Clay Shirky says “Best buy never signed up to fund the Baghdad bureau.”

7. Entertainment and the revenues it produces can subsidze news production, as with the early days of network television, when the news divisions were loss leaders.

8. Unrelated businesses are sometimes a sources of subsidy, as with the Washington Post Company’s ownership of the highly profitable Stanley Kalpan.

9. Clever spin-offs can subsidize, as with Techdirt’s Insight Community, basically a focus group business featuring the highly informed community that gathers at Techdirt.

10. High earning spouses sometimes subsidize stand alone journalists with start-up sites.

11. Live performances of editorial talent, as with magazine conferences or the fundraisers Ira Glass does for public radio.

12. E-commerce, otherwise known as selling stuff, as with Techdirt’s “Connect with Fans and give them a reason to buy” program.

13. The most passionare users (who can afford it) will sometimes subsidize the production of news available to all, as in the public radio model in the U.S. or the blog Firedoglake at the Libby Trial.

14. Well, you tell me

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