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Economist Lisa George: Journalism Survivors Will Earn More

Lisa George, an empirical economist and professor at Hunter College in New York City, says there probably will be “fewer journalists in the future. But those that remain in the market will probably earn much more.”

Here is why, according to George:

People who do read internet news focus on many fewer sources than what we see in the hard news or the old fashioned newspaper, physical paper world. That means that the journalist whose articles were at the back page of Section B at a middle of the road newspaper is probably not going to see too much readership in the future. Instead, some of the best reporters and the most insightful commentary will come from fewer and fewer sources. But these reporters will have national reputations, and those reputations will be well-financed both from media itself and also from books and speaking engagements.

For the complete Leonard Witt interview with Lisa George see the video or read the entire transcript at the Center for Sustainable Journalism.

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