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A 10-point checklist for well informed communities

On Friday afternoon I am on a panel at the League of Women Voters National Convention that reacts to the Knight Commission report  Informing Communities: Sustaining Democracy in the Digital Age. In doing my homework I came across this in the report, which makes a great checklist  for communities which want to be truly “informed communities”:

  • People have convenient access to both civic and life-enhancing information, without regard to income or social status.
  • Journalism is abundant in many forms and accessible through many convenient platforms.
  • Government is open and transparent.
  • People have affordable high-speed Internet service wherever and whenever they want and need it.
  • Digital and media literacy are widely taught in schools, public libraries and other community centers.
  • Technological and civic expertise is shared across generations.
  • Local media—including print, broadcast, and new media—reflect the full reality of the communities they represent.
  • People have a deep understanding of the role of free speech
    and free press rights in maintaining a democratic community.
  • Citizens are active in acquiring and sharing knowledge both within and across social networks.
  • People can assess and track changes in the community’s information health.

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