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Time Magazine Article Examines Relationship of News & Blogs

In this week’s Time magazine, Lev Grossman offers an interesting take on the fact that audiences are gravitating to blogs to get their news, at least in part, because of their opinionated nature. The article (Meet Joe Blog: Why are more and more people getting their news from amateur websites called blogs?) highlights five bloggers to watch: drew curtis/fark; cory doctorow/boingboing; glenn reynolds/instapundit; ana marie cox/wonkette; and rebecca blood/ rebeccablood, all of whom have been the topics of other conversations on blogging.

The article is worth a gander because it raises some interesting issues for those of us in the journalism biz about audiences and their changing expectations. If readers are now regarded as participants, and the participants are asking for a breezy, conversational style filled with informed opinion, what might that mean for how we train future professionals?

Notably, Grossman argues, “Blogs act like a lens, focusing attention on an issue until it catches fire” (66).

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