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Media Law in the Digital Age — Register Now

Speakers are in place and the agenda is set, now you just have to register for the Media Law in the Digital Age workshop on September 25 at Kennesaw State University outside of Atlanta. It is co-produced by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at the Harvard University Law School and the Center for Sustainable Journalism at Kennesaw State University.

Early registration is just $69.

Our taglines say it all:

    • The Rules Have Changed – Have You?
    • What Lawyers, Journalists, Educators, Citizen Media Producers, Communications Directors, Academics and Publishers, Big and Small Need to Know Now

    Here are the topic areas:

    • Advertising Law for Online Publishers
    • Copyright: Using the Work of Others and Licensing Your Own Work
    • Exercising Your Right to Know: Getting Access to Government Information
    • Libel and Privacy: Minimizing the Risks of Publishing Online
    • Newsgathering Law: How to Stay Out of Trouble When You’re Gathering Information for a Story
    • Safe Harbors: Building and Managing Online Communities
    • Starting an Independent News Organization: Business Law and Other Considerations
    • Workshop: Understanding Website Terms of Use, Freelancer Agreements, and License

    Don’t miss out, register now.

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