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Suffering from Blogger´s Arm

As you might have noticed I have not blogger lately. For two reasons, one is I am on vacation and then will be studying Spanish at a university. In trying to get ready for the vacation I was at the computer almost nonstop doing all kinds of things including blogging.

Suddenly while at the computer I go a sharp pain in the left shoulder that is really radiating from the clavicle joint which I apparently sprained. Was it too much blogging? Who knows, but it still hurts when I type like now. A pharmacist said it might have been started by something viral. Yeah, like a virus creeping out of my computer, up my arm and into my shoulder. I could be the first case of a computer virus transfered into a human being.

Any how Griff Wigley, Andrea Frantz and Nikhil Moro have blogged here occasionally. Thanks for the help.

I hope to be back in force by the end of July. Of course, this is one thing that separates bloggers from bigger organizations. The big guys have people to fill in. We have oursevles. Of course, it hurts to see the visit numbers drop that take so long to build.

Any how we will see what happens in August.

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