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OhmyNews International: Citizen Journalism with No Citizen News chronicled the first stages of OhmyNews, the citizen journalism site in South Korean. My first headline was in 2004: OhmyNews: Journalists aren’t some exotic species. Actually, it may turn out that they are.

Alas here, in part, is the latest from OhmyNews International:

Welcome to a fresh approach for OhmyNews International. In a month’s time, the site will a re-launch and reboot. The old site will remain online, but it cannot accept new stories.

Instead, we are launching a new blog dedicated to covering and discussing the world of citizen journalism itself. Our new aim is to help raise the bar for the future. The new OhmyNews International is a guide to what citizen journalists, academics, and even professionals are thinking about how everyone will collaborate on the news of the future.

I thought that’s what I was doing at the .

Thanks to Digital Journal for the tip.

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