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Robert Picard: Journalism is in good health

Robert G. Picard, Hamrin Professor in media economics at the Jönköping International Business School, Sweden, and a fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at University of Oxford, says journalism is healthy, although news organizations are not.

Here are a couple pieces of the complete Picard interview conducted by Nikhil Moro, associate professor of journalism at the University of North Texas:

Is the health of journalism related to the stability of news organizations?

No. News organizations are in poor health today, but journalism is in good health. I say that because not just journalists but public officials and the public are discussing the importance of journalism and journalism practice and seeking new ways to ensure society has the kind of journalism necessary for public life and democracy to take place. The focus on the functions of journalism and how to achieve them in the future indicates an esteem for and support of journalism that has not been evident for many years.

Plus Picard provides his: top five tips for entrepreneurs that are about to start a media startup such as a hyper-local or community news portal.

1) Do something different from newspapers and television stations in your cities.

2) Focus on what your readers need and are not getting elsewhere.

3) Make the public part of your effort; draw on their knowledge and expertise; allow them to participate in many different ways.

4) Pay attention to the management of the enterprise and ensure you carry out tasks that will make it sustainable.

5) Do not assume that merely because you are doing something good, it will be perceived as valuable and useful by the public.

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