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Untapped consumer resource: 61% want to help improve products

If you have $499, you can get a the full Forrester Research report: US Consumers Are Willing Co-Creators or you can just chew on this little teaser from Forrester:

Sixty-one percent of all US online adults are willing co-creators, and they are open to co-creating across a large range of industries. With such wide-ranging interest in participation, CPS professionals (consumer product strategy professions) should feel comfortable proceeding with co-creation strategies, as chances are good that there are engaged, interested consumers who are willing to help improve your product. When creating these engagements, CPS professionals should begin by targeting consumers with whom they are already engaging on their own sites or through social media. Recognize that participation will be stronger — and the results more thorough and useful — if the interaction is appealing from the consumer’s point of view, in terms of the topic, incentive, and time commitment.

You can squeeze out a tiny bit more free information here at ReadWriteWeb.

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