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Witt: Tweet, blog, link your way to a new job

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Sunday job section ran an interview with me about how to find a job using social media. The article: Social media a path to job opportunity: Tweet, blog and link-in to a career is now online.

Leonard Witt

As mentioned in the article our marketing expert Carole Arnold produced an excellent slide share presentation on how to effectively use LinkedIn to find a job. You can find it here.

Carole Arnold

Also see more find information about our upcoming Social Media Integration workshop on Oct. 22-23, which was also mentioned in the article. Be sure to register at our early bird rate.

One Response to “Witt: Tweet, blog, link your way to a new job”

  1. Maria Bray Says:

    Read the full article at

    Congrats to Len Witt for taking his passion for journalism to a higher level. Thumbs up Len, we are proud of you!