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MinnPost apparently wants public radio donors to give to it too

Maybe the only group of people left to support high quality journalism is the public radio crowd. See this from MinnPost’s fundraiser:

MinnPost signs

I will try to find the back story on this ad campaign, but I remember this from a couple of years ago in a Star Tribune story:, the local start-up that bills itself as “a thoughtful approach to news,” got a lot more to think about recently when Minnesota Public Radio rebuffed the website’s offer to continue in a sponsorship role.

The website’s founder, Joel Kramer, said MPR chief Bill Kling won’t return his calls or those of his board chairman, Lee Lynch, a former MPR board member and donor.

So did they make nice or is this MinnPost giving MPR a little jab in the ribs. I am confident Joel, who monitors most blog posts about him, will let us know shortly.

Transparency declaration: Both Joel Kramer at the Star Tribune and Bill Kling at MPR were my bosses when I lived in Minnesota.

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