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Is DNC Blogging a Journalism Watershed?

Is the presence of bloggers at the Democratic National Convention a symbolic turning point in American journalism?

Here is what says in part: “Blogging will not replace traditional journalism, but it presents a threat to the normative press culture and an opportunity for radical reporting. Bloggers do place the issue of professionalism under attack, not by being unprofessional, but by exposing the ways in which the media operates…

And here is an interesting tidbit from a Wired article “Stars of Convention: Bloggers”:
It used to be that if you wanted to make a name in journalism you had to spend five years covering school board elections in Small Town, USA, before you got a shot at one of the big papers. Online news changed all that in the late 1990s, making it possible for young reporters to work on their game at a dot-com. Now the blog phenomenon is producing a number of successful young writers able to publish their own material — without the need of a publisher…

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