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OhMyNews Sees DNC Blogging Potential

OhMyNews, the extremely successful South Korean experiment in citizen journalism, sees the potential in the blogging that is happening at the Democractic National Convention and wants a piece of the USA political action with its new section AMERICA’S CHOICE 2004. It says:

Following in the footsteps of OhmyNews Korean — turning the political landscape of Korea forever with the participatory journalism involving thousands of ordinary Netizens — OhmyNews International hopes to replicate its fiercely focused election coverage with this newly opened special section.

The success of this section depend entirely on the participation of global citizen reporters, YOU!

Please post your observations, analysis and first-hand accounts of the campaign trail near you and share them with other readers. OhmyNews will dispatch our own staff and citizen reporters to the United States to follow the campaign extensively.

However, so far the news coming from the Netizens seems fairly limited.

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