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Witt Video: Vivian Schiller Tells Why NPR Dropped Juan Williams

I attended the speech that Vivian Schiller, NPR CEO, gave at the Atlanta Press Club today and afterward got a nice video of her explaining why NPR terminated Juan Williams’ contract. It happened after he said on Fox News that when he sees people in Muslim dress on airplanes he gets nervous.

Also catch the elevator pitch — or was it almost a ditch ( I don’t think so) — when I ask if it would be ethical for a journalist to give NPR money and cover it too. Here is the video.

3 Responses to “Witt Video: Vivian Schiller Tells Why NPR Dropped Juan Williams”

  1. Evelyne Says:

    She did not study Journalism, no degrees in Journalism. What makes her a Journalist? Does she belong to a Big secret club? I don’t get it? No wonder it is difficult for people with a Journalism Masters to get a job in Journalism if they don’t belong to this Club?

  2. Mark Says:

    Read her Wikipedia page. Her father was editor of Reader’s Digest. What makes her fit to be a journalist? It’s gotta be family connections. It’s obviously not ability.

  3. C Johnson Says:

    This was more an attack on FOX NEWS than Juan Williams. George Soros and the liberals cannot win on the battlefield of good ideas so they want to control our thoughts through the press. Soros hates Glenn Beck and wants him SILENCED. Juan Williams was target practice.