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Election Night Multitasking: CNN, NYTimes, NPR and Blogging Too

So it is election night, and I am listening to NPR on my iPhone, watching CNN, but mostly muted, on TV, and on my computer checking in at the New York Times’ and blogging here at…but just one post I think.

What’s all this multitasking mean? Well, I can get bits and pieces of news where I want it rather than being trapped in one place. I like the CNN graphics, but don’t think much of their talking head gasbags. I like listening to the more controlled voices of NPR and, if I want the real numbers, I like the New York Times, plus I am interested in finding how reliable FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver’s predictions will be. Right now it looks like he is the man.

I just heard Pew’s Andrew Kohut say today he expects only about 40 percent of the potential voters turning out, about one-third fewer than in the last Presidential election in 2008. That was on NPR.

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