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App Developers Contact Us for Journalism Grant Possibilities

Hello all you app developers out there. We need your help and will help you try to get funding for ideas that work well for both you and us. Let’s make contact before Nov. 12, 2010 and then set up conversations on Friday Nov. 12 to move our ideas to the next step via possible grant funding by the Knight Challenge.

Here is some background: We run our Juvenile Justice Information Exchange. via our Center for Sustainable Journalism at Kennesaw State University, outside of Atlanta. The is the only place in the USA which covers juvenile justice issues regionally on a daily persistent basis. The $300 million plus Georgia juvenile justice system, its more than 4,000 employees and the 50,000 children and families involved in the system need their stories to be told. So do the victims, support groups and child advocacy groups that work with the children and the system.

We have some funding to run the for about another year, but we have to find a method to make it sustainable, to push out our information via mobile devices and to have a community of supporters providing it both content and financial support.

We are building audience and support via traditional ways from knocking on doors to sending emails and newsletters to key constituents. We are on Facebook and Twitter, but how might we leverage all that via new digital innovations that will advance our sustainability, allow us to be more mobile oriented and to build community. Plus how can your innovative ideas be easily adopted by other niche issues that need to be covered, but which are not being covered now.

Take a look at our, take a look at the Knight News Challenge and then if you have an innovative idea which fits one of their four categories and which would work for both of us. Contact me: Leonard Witt at Let’s invent something new together. Thanks.

One Response to “App Developers Contact Us for Journalism Grant Possibilities”

  1. Jami Becker Says:

    I would love to help you. I help teach a mobile development class at Emory to the executive MBA class. I have 8 applications on the store. Many of which have enjoyed top 100 app status in their categories. I just developed a medical/social media iPad app for a client. They are thrilled with my work and happy to offer a reference. I live in Decatur, Ga even though my number is a 415 area code. Feel free to contact me through my site.


    Jami Becker