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Search 50% of Annual Archived Tweets for Just $360,000

Darn, another good idea bites the dust. Last spring when I heard that Twitter was going to archive all its Tweets at the Library of Congress, I was thinking wow what a free treasure trove of information. Well, there will be, apparently, no such thing as a free archived Tweet. At least there will not be one in the future.

This in part from the ReadWriteWeb:

Twitter announced today a new partnership with social data streaming service Gnip at the Defrag Conference outside of Denver: Gnip will offer 50% of all the messages posted to Twitter for $360,000 per year, or 5% of all messages for $60,000 per year. Pricing is not yet on the Gnip site, but was disclosed in an interview with ReadWriteWeb.

Customers will only be allowed to analyze the messages, not display them, and resale of the content itself will remain prohibited. The two companies emphasized that this is the first time a structured, reliable arrangement has been available for the many customers interested in purchasing a large quantity of streaming Tweets. Sale of the 100% full firehose will remain in the hands of Twitter itself. The full firehose contains approximately 1,000 Tweets every second.

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