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Will local news site have big impact on TV’s Beyond Scared Straight?

Today our Juvenile Justice Information Exchange ( ran a story and commentary addressing the new A&E TV series “Beyond Scared Straight,” which launches Thursday night January 13, 2011. From what I can tell we are the only news oriented organization that has taken a critical look at this series.

Why is that important? Well our headlines speak for themselves.

The story: Beyond Scared Straight: Experts Alarmed by New Show and Impact on Kids

The commentary: Joe Vignati: “Beyond Scared Straight” is Beyond Common Sense

Getting this national story covered is a tribute to our editor Ellen Miller and our reporter Ryan Schill.

Now the question is: Will our local site get the national audience it deserves for this story? Of course, ten years ago the answer would have been no. Now, in the age of social media, the answer is maybe. Stay tuned.

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